James Casebere and Landscape with Houses

(2011 / 73 minutes / DV / English)

distributor: Video Data Bank

James Casebere and Landscape with Houses is now live on VDB TV. It is free but runs for a limited time only. Please click here to watch the film.

This is a documentary film on the American contemporary artist and photographer, James Casebere.

Since the mid-1970s, Casebere has been making photographs of tabletop models which he builds in his studio. The subject of his work ranges from suburban interiors to institutional structures, inspired by political events or social issues. In his photographs, these models often give the impression of reality. Each image transports viewers into an ambiguous environment, evoking a sense of emotional place.

For this project, the filmmaker visited his studio in Brooklyn several times from the spring of 2009 to the fall of 2010 and documented the process of making the series titled Landscape with Houses. As the subprime mortgage crisis occurred, he became interested in American suburban neighborhoods and started building a model of an American suburban landscape.

The film mainly consists of the sequences shot in an observational style and a sit-down interview conducted in May 2010.

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